August 2013 Meeting Set for 13 August @ 6pm

Bolivar County Historical Society and the University Archives & Museum invites you to the next BCHS meeting featuring the brand new exhibition

Club Ebony, Indianola, Mississippi, 2009  by Easton Selby

Club Ebony, Indianola, Mississippi, 2009 by Easton Selby

BluesLand by Easton Selby
Opening Reception & Lecture, 13 August 2013 @ 6pm
Capps Archives & Museum Building
Delta State University campus

Delta State University Alumna, Easton Selby, has spent ten years fine-tuning his skills as a photographer. Always seeking to know “why” and trying to answer that question through the images he shoots, Easton has developed this exhibit to explore the land and the culture that is the Mississippi Delta and that which gave forth many of our Delta Blues artists. Why was the Mississippi Delta ground zero for so many artists? What role does the geography of this land play in history of blues music evolution? And, finally, why did it take this native Mississippian so long to see this aspect of our state’s history? These questions and more are answered through the photographs on display and with the lecture Selby will deliver at the opening reception on Tuesday, 13 August at 6pm. We hope you can join us!

Learn more about John Strait’s work which influenced Easton Selby’s photography:


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